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Hello LJ, it's been a while...

Life has been Hectic, to say the least.

Having finally got round to updating the ol' CV with the past 18months work (unix multitasking network sockets Asterisk Sofia-SIP TCP UDP IP VoIP SDP SS#7 ISUP MTP3 CSM RUDP MGCP RTP T.38 and more TLAs than you can shake a stick at) and uploading it to JobSite, the poor mobile's been ringing non stop & emails by the skipload. This, to say the least, was unexpected. I've been scrabbling for work here and there the past decade quite stressfully not getting much. Then everything arrives at once (cf buses). On Tuesday I had two offers almost equally as brilliant as each other sat on my desk (I'd even dead tree printed them out), and with but minutes to go on deadlines for accepting them, I went for the [teleworking UEFI BIOS engineering contract role for a company in Swindon] over the [teleworking embedded real time firmware engineer for a company in west end of nodnol]. It was a very difficult decision and I was very sad to let down the great guys at [Onzo] for the smart energy metering development role, I was looking forward to that. Apart from the painful jostle of public transport trains woking->waterloo, I could have perhaps even enjoyed the occasional commute into the office in west end and post-work mooching around london with friends doing social things. Ah well. Need a cloning machine!

edit if anyone is a realtime embedded software engineer & looking for a great role in the West End of London, see [here]. No idea how long it'll be a live role for though as they were very keen to get a body in...

Meantime, the Cold Of Doom has progressed from headache earache lung aching coughing sneezing and dribbly noses to the same again but with the added fun of half inching my voice. This has made talking to the recruitment agents (to cancel 3 other lined up job interviews!) difficult and most painful. stoopid colds. Perhaps I should stop hacking firmware & get to hacking viruses genomes RNA.

What else. Oh, yes, my first proper scarification recently didn't go well, in that it's faded away now. But then I'd not planned to have "maJ" burnt into my right hand's palm in the first place. Have learnt that saucepan handles (with the letters "Jamie Oliver" on them, the "Jam" of which ended up in backwards my skin) left over the top of frying pans tend to get bloody hot. owie. Have big blisters (yes, one is larger than a 50p piece. either old or new fiddy pees. no, I didn't take myself to AnE as perhaps I should, 2hrs dunked in ice water as soon as muppet me did it seems to have saved it from being worse than it could have) but the swelling has gone down (oh err missus!) and should be OK with a bit of care...

That's probably enough update for one day, there's shed loads more I should have perhaps writtedified as they happened. 0/10, Must Try Harder.

Date: 2011-12-01 10:23 pm (UTC)
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I do that branding with kitchenware too. I hadn't thought of it as an art form before....
Congrats on the job offers and good luck with the one you went for.


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