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Went downstairs to the kitchen to nuke a couple of slices of tuesdays cheep pizza (two XL pizzas for 15 quid, lasts me for days (as long as I don't get fed up of pizza) & then into the freezer to make it keep) for breakfast, did that and remembered the kitchen was clear as C&J were away playing ukelelalelililos somewhere, and I had thunked about doing some culinery crimes whilst it was free for me to make a mess in :)

600g mince beef from fridge (a few days out of the freezer), 4 cloves of garlic (oops, but then, noone loves me so I can eat of much of it as I like), two onions, the mushrooms didn't make it as they were too sad and old :(, a tin of napolita tomatoes, tin of chickpeas, and a generous quantity of frozen petit pois. Couple of beef oxo cubes as stock (have run out of vegetable bouillon, must go shopping soon!). In the wok/frying pan thing, bubbling away now, the mash is made, the oven is on... and I'll call that Lunch later! (and freeze the rest for other days noms)

Date: 2012-03-07 06:59 pm (UTC)
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You should lob your post into a Weightwatchers forum.

Along with a paid link that says "Want to resist posts like that? Click THIS LINK to find out how!"


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