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For the latest contract I'm working at Ericsson in Stockholm on x86 UEFI BIOS ; my office is apparently SEKI 30 06 525A (Ericsson's naming convention (probably global) with SE=Sweden, KI=Kista, 30=building#30 (which is at 6, Färögatan, Kista, Stockholm) 06=floor6, 525A=corridor 5 (it's a weird building), office 25 [I am not a number, I am a free man! well, not quite free, but remarkably reasonable rates, all things considered].

Whilst pootling from the office tonight through the rather labyrinthine layout of SEKI 30, my mind being occupied with linux OVMF UEFI builds running under qemu & sorting out key enrollment, I somehow decided to take the spiral stairs down rather than the usual lift journey, got a bit discombobulated at what I though was floor 2 and exited from floor 3 (I think) to the right rather than to the left. And ended up in the open quad in the center of the block. With lots of dark and snow. And not where I expected to be, on the usual street side. turn around, access card lets me back in through the outside door to a short corridor, but doesn't let me through the 2nd revolving door into the building proper, beeps at me and demands my PIN code. "What zarking code!", thinks I. embarrassed panic time, look for intercom or anything, nada. Think's I'm either stuck here till someone spots me, or perhaps I could walk round the quad and bang on office windows and plead to let me in (claim insanity or something (oh and let me in please)), or build a rude snowman, or ...

After a number of random numbers stabbed into the keypad as a code (9999, 1111, 1234 etc) I remembered that yes, they did in fact ask me to add a PIN code to the photo RFID card some 7 or so weeks ago back when I had to go through the induction blaze of all the new things in one day thing. Phew, my usual code works, relief and cue the cat thing of "hope no-one saw me doing that", then onwards through the evening back to the apartment and safety. Blert.
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