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Ah, the end of an era (/error :), CastleVille is closing down. Yes, it's one of those annoying FB "post things that piss your friends off" games, bit I limited that to only letting it post to friends who positively didn't mind seeing the requests, and I made a habit of deleting the CastleVille droppings from my timeline from time to time (OCD much?). I'll miss it and the occasional burst of things to do (I had done all the quests over the past 3? years it'd been there) when a new quest was launched. But most, I'll miss the saying Hello to my pet rock Skippy in the game!

Dear CastleVille Players,

CastleVille will be closing on April 30, 2015. If you have coins or crowns in your account, you can use them to access CastleVille’s current content until then.

Thanks for being a great member of the CastleVille community – we loved delivering you a fun experience. We don’t take the decision to sunset our games lightly but we made the tough decision to close CastleVille so our team of game makers can put their passion, energy and time into developing new games.

To start you off on your new adventure, we have a special Thank You gift just for CastleVille players in CastleVille Legends or FarmVille 2. If you decide to play CastleVille Legends, you’ll also receive an exclusive statue of Duke to decorate your castle! Select one of the games below and we’ll add the Thank You gift to you account shortly. You must have existing accounts in both CastleVille and the game you wish to receive the Thank You gift in. If you do not have an account in one of these games and want to start playing, please create your account before requesting your gift. You can redeem the gift until April 30, 2015.
CastleVille Legends
FarmVille 2
Please enter your email ID for our team to contact you with further details for crediting the package to your account.

Email ID:

I’d like to be one of the first to play FarmVille Harvest Swap, Zynga’s new puzzle game! Send me an email when it launches.

Thanks for your time in CastleVille! We look forward to continuing the journey with you in other Zynga games.


Play CastleVille

Ah well, plus ca change, or whatever...


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