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Hmmm. Captn Portion-Control still isn't in command properly. I appear to have made enough to feed 1.75 hoomans, is probably 0.85 of a Sluman (must press for SI recognition of that) [hello [ profile] luckykaa :) ]
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am re-reading the SiLabs 8051F040 CPU datasheet on how to configure the Programmable Counter Array (PCA) to set up to monitor 3 digital input pins to capture +ve & -ve transactions on the bastardised I2C bus (standard SCL & SDA plus MRQ (Master ReQuest?)) used for the radio, Triple Info Display (TID) and Steering Wheel Radio Controls (SWRC) on my car, plus a timestamp and stick that into a memory buffer for the serial interrupt to empty over RS232 & then logged at 115200 or greater on a PC, so I can capture SWRC button press messages on the I2C interface, analyse that so that I could then knock up another devboard to intercept a SWRC message and make the TID show other stuff, eg rude messages to passengers :)

I already have the TID scrolling "We are crashing, we we, are crashing..." (derived from the film "Fired Up" where they're chanting on the summer camp bus) but some additional messages / info selection via use of the SWRC buttons could be fun. Wonder if one can detect button down / button up messages & ability to use chorded / polyphonic kepresses...
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Tea (as well as breakfast & lunch due to cocked up sleep patterns, asleep 0600 last night / this morning then awake at 1330 and then needed another 2hr nap) :-

microwaved mashed spuds, reheat in 1 min increments smashing it up well till all nicely cooked through (from the freezer from a few days ago). Googling reheating frozen mash seemed to suggest it didn't work well and would go all watery and a bit tasteless ; this seems to have worked fine, perhaps because I make the mash without using milk (but a big knob of butter. nom)
microwaved portion of spicy bean casserole (from the freezer from many weeks ago)
fried (in butter, of course) 2 large mushrooms sliced and 1/2 a large onion sliced.
1 mug of boiled pettis pois (from the freezer)

Was rather nommy for a not-got-any-meat-in-it thing.

Portion control continues to be needing to be refined ; cooked enough for 1.5 gregs.
Am stuffed now :)
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Today I seem to have made the most significant change to my computing environment yet.

I've moved the windows taskbar from the bottom of the screen to the right side of the screen.

I have a little bit more vertical resolution for code editors / IDEs (yay), and now all the VMs (8 running at the moment) first few characters of title are visible (I use 3 numbers to ID the VMs eg "C060", "C064" ) instead of being all bunched up at the bottom. It feels a lot better, but it'll probably bug me for a bit when looking for info as I've been a bottom of the screen person for decades now :) (win95 first had the taskbar? I can't remember other OSs...)


Oct. 22nd, 2011 12:28 am
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has just spent many tens of minutes diagnosing why the dual monitor setup wasn't working. Primary monitor in middle of working environment field of view, secondary monitor put on left in only convenient bit of space in Shoebox & connected VGA to a DisplayLink USB2.0 box (Kensington universal multi display adapter).

Can't get any screens to drag off left onto the 2nd display. Scratching head and swearing time. Till realise / remember that the virtual 2nd monitor is off to the right of the primary display. Sigh... Too many neurones gorne, must be loosing it...

Control panel (Win7) doesn't seem to let me rearrange the monitors to their physical location. Hmmm...
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Oh ghods, he's trying to murder Smoke on the Water on his mandolin (maudolin).
I shall brain cleanse with Taking the Hobbits to Isengard plus NyanCat together.
[my brain now hurts] :)
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I think [Taking The Hobits To Isengard] may just br34k my br41n...
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Email just in, to my paypal email address (I use different email addressess @ my domain for different things, good for filtering as well as an effort to track who which what's been letting info out etc), with my correct name in the email, purporting to be an order change confirmation for a webcam & external HDD from

Fake of course, and all the links in the email point to a zip file on whatever phishing bastard it is (http thing blah blah blah munged URL so noone even tries to follow it :) trying to drag me in.

So some website I've used & paid via paypal has been hacked / leaked the email address & my name for these phishers to then try to get me. Sigh. Details changed at paypal to a new email address...
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Steak & kidney pie, mashed boiled spuds (OK, it was a large knob of butter ;) and crisp boiled broccoli (must get self a steamer!).
Plus a banananana for pudding.
A mug of cranberry & sanguinello orange with some acacia honey in it to drink, and reading a good book (borrowed off [ profile] hawkida), "A History of London", by Robert Gray.

Life could be a whole lot worse, y'know.

Now, if only I could loose this bastard lung hurting hacking cough, headaches and not good sleeps due to the coughing, it'd be brill.
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cough wheeze cough.
bloody autumn colds.
URTI of some form, non productive repetitive hacking lung hurting cough. pholcodine linctus swig every 3 hrs to try to stop coughing. asthma, salbutamol inhaler. blargh!
sleeping lots (it's what my body does when it gets a bug of some form, sends me to sleep). but little decent sleep due to coughing.
(plus headache from coughing. so paracetamol+codine for that. Wouldn't be surprised if I stop remembering how to breathe at this rate!)
Cheering self up with a kit kat chunky & a bag of pickled onion monster munch :).
Now that's what I call lunch (vol 60)
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listening / watching a webinar by TI on FRAM [here], chap's talking about the current consumption for moving an ion from one state to another through in the structure of lead zirconate titanate.
Just made me giggle his turn of phrase on "push the ion through the center, which it doesn't feel comfortable with".
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Shortbus is my... checks... 7th? car.
toyota starlet [black]. traded.
renault fuego [can't remember]. I wrote it off on a sliproad at scratchwood services, after playing Outrun. oops. Bad Greg.
austin metro (company car) [black]. Had it written off on me in accident, other parties fault.
rover 216 (or was it 214?) (ex company car then mine when left company) [silver]. traded.
volvo 240 gl redline special, [black?]. traded.
vauxhall astra 1.6 [green thing]. written off by other parties fault in accident.
shortbus (vauxhall astra 1.8) [blue]

Move along, nothing to see here...
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"Are there many calories in mushrooms?"
"depends on how much butter you fry them in, Greg"
"Ah. bugger..."
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IM chat compilation :
Is failed, muchly. Haven't done work today either. Nor all the mountain of paperwork.
bloody tramadol ate another day :(
though tempered by the success of cooking a spicy bean casserole, which landlady ate and seemed to enjoy.


Sep. 11th, 2011 07:14 pm
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In continuing discovery of how to cook, have made a "something". Wasn't inedible (actually not bad at all ; casserole dish with tin of butter beans, tin of chopped tomatoes, 1 diced onion, finely chopped clove of garlic, few shakes of hot chillie powder, heaped teaspoon of vegetable bouillon plus then a handful of raisins thrown in towards the end, 45 mins in fan oven at 180°C).

Piece of piss for most I'd guess, but after forty mumble years of living on either jacket spud baked beans & spam myself or tasty foods magically cooked by others, it's a revelation that one can indeed cook tasty stuff from ingredients :)

Think I should make a Will though, just in case this cooking malarky goes horribly wrong at some point...
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Currently I have shelves at the L-shaped desk I spend most of my working & leisure time at by balancing them on things (eg my computer speakers take a shelf on which my monitor sits, and a stack of old TK50 tape cartridges supports another side shelf). I'm eyeing up the desk and am contemplating the possibility of vertical extensions, put some of my spare tracking shelf rails up around the desk and then could have adjustable shelving mounted on the desk itself. To do this does however would mean dismantling a substantial portion of the whole of Shoebox (the rented room I live in), as it's one big tetris puzzle in here now...
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I must be slipping. It took me several hours to grok & get right the functions using gethostbyname_r() and inet_ntop(). I blame 12th wedding anniversary blues...
 IPv4_addr.s_addr = *((unsigned long int *)(*hp->h_addr_list)) ; 

Probably need more beer...
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geeknote: next time I swear at the Xbox-1 and XBMC on it (my media player setup for the past 5+ years) for suddenly becoming unable to stream audio/video from the main PC (win 7 x64), remember that installing anything to do with Windows Live and the Live Sign In Assistant shags the SMB connectivity good n proper. Remove it and the Xbox XBMC can stream away happily again. Stoopid Win 7!

Had only installed Live for Messenger as Trillian is currently screwed up and not talking to windows messenger...
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My laptop is getting on a bit, an IBM ThinkPad T42p. I like the 1600*1200 resolution on a 15" panel, is good for code development ; working on widescreen displays is yukky, I like the vertical resolution. Can't seem to find any decent new lappies with similar 4:3 resolution, the world's gone (mad) for 16:9 widescreens. Anyone got any recommendations for non-widescreen beasties?

I've recently acquired a couple of additional T42p lappies off ebay for general use around the place (one's currently working as a fax machine :), alas both stink. One is an industrial/acetone-ish-but-not type smell, which I can just about live with (but I'd rather not). The other is stinky perfumer/"air freshener" type smell and is unusable due to this, so it's sat in the garage (I've half inched a couple of keyboard key hinges off it to repair flaky ones on the other less stinky T42p). I should sometime attempt a dismantling and full clean and possibly an ultrasonic bath type thing to see if I can get rid of the stinkyness. If it's like any other bits of tech that've suffered similar though, it's beyond use by me ;(
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Why I shouldn't be let out alone, part n of a (bugger, what's the unicode for an infinity symbol?) series, to quote Mal@firefly : "I'm a bad person". Nipped into town to acquire foodage from Sainsbury's, bakery aisle there's a mum with baby push thing & a toddler, we did the little shoppers dance around the bread shelving, I said "sorry, am dithering" as I'm looking for the best price for a nice pair (of loaves!). Can't remember what she said next, prossibly an "that's alright" or similar. Then she said "come along with me" (in a Mum tone of voice). So I said "OK". She looked surprised then had an attack of the giggles.

It's amazing what you can buy in Sainsburys...
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